Information and Communications Technology Center of Otaru University of Commerce {փWv

Network equipment on Campus


We provide 4 Computer@Labs on campus, at center.You can check the location here.

Lab name Open houriMon`Fri) Open houriSat)
Computer Lab No.1(2nd floor) XFOO`QPFOO Close
Computer Lab No.2(2nd floor) XFOO`QQFRO Close
Computer Lab No.3(2nd floor) WFOO`QQFRO XFOO`PVFOO
Computer Lab No.4(3rd floor) XFOO`QPFOO Close

Please check it by the electronic bulletin board whether lecturing in Labs.
@@All Labs are closed on Sunday and holiday.
ZAll Labs are closed on Saturday while a long@vacation.

Log in PC and send a mail in Labs

If you are an exchange student, you have to got your ID and PW via Information and Communications Technology Center to log in PC in Labs and to send a E-Mail.
ylog in PCz
After you get your ID and PW, you can log in PC which are set in Labs by your ID and log in PW.

Your E-mail address is "gwԍiStudent@No[email protected]".

You@can use the mail adress on Campus. If you want to send a mail, you can use the E-mail address by useing "MailSuite" in the Computer Labs.

When you use MailSuite,you have to log in by your ID and mail PW.

About Printer in Labs

It costs money.
If you want to use a printer in Labs, your ID card is necessary.
You can charge your ID card with money at seikyou(j in campus.

How connect your PC to network in campus?

Wireless LAN connectivity allows wireless access to the on-campus network without using a LAN cable.

Wireless LAN connectivity to the on-campus network is available only where wireless access points are located.

How to set up and make a connection.

Attention to connect network

You cannot use Messenger/Win-MX/winny/KaZaA if you use network because of security.

You can connect our university's network only in campus,but you cannot in the International House.

You cannot pull the cable from the computers which are set in Labs.

Attention to use Labs

No foods,No drink !

Please don't change temperature setting.

Please don't open a window.